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Are you in the process of searching for a new job opportunity and considering using a recruiter to help with your search?  In today’s job market, there is a lot of competition, and a recruiter tries to find the best talent. Here is some advice from our recruiters at Southwest Search about what to expect when working with a recruiter, and what your recruiter expects of you.


This is the most important quality that both you and your recruiter should share. For the recruiter, they will be honest with you about available positions, job expectations and potential salary ranges. It is also your job to be honest about where you might be in your hiring process, what you are looking for in your next position and what companies you are applying to. This is very important so that you can be best represented by your recruiter.


Be prepared & do your homework

The initial meeting with a recruiter typically is an introductory call so that you both can get to know one another. Our recruiters at Southwest Search conduct research before meeting with you so that they can ask the appropriate questions. Recruiters expect the same from the potential candidate. Be sure to do your own research and come prepared with questions. This goes a long way and helps you stand out in the eyes of the recruiter.


Be responsive and timely

When your recruiter reaches out, try to be as responsive as possible. There is typically a reason they are calling or emailing. Maybe it is to inform you about a potential interview or offer or it might be to inform you about a new position. By making yourself available in a timely manner, this shows both the recruiter and the potential company that you are committed to the job search and will help you be best represented by the recruiting company as well.


Follow Up

If you have not heard from your recruiter in a while, be sure to follow up. Remember, recruiters are working with several candidates at one time. By following up in a respectable fashion, you will stay on the recruiter’s radar and show them you are eager to hear from them.

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