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Most job seekers do not fully understand what recruiters do, and oftentimes assume that they have to pay a fee or premium to utilize a staffing agency. At Southwest Search, our service is free for candidates – our clients pay us to find people like you!

Our recruiters make your job search easier. We are here to help make your job search pain-free, especially if you find yourself struggling in your job search. Here are a few ways recruiters can help you land the perfect new role:

They act as your personal referral

 Recruiters are much like employees who recommend a candidate or candidates that they know could be great for their company – except to an endless number of businesses. This gives you multiple opportunities to be personally introduced to a particular position, not just another name on a resume.

We pre-screen all our candidates at Southwest Search so that when representing you, we not only know the top points on your resume, but also a little bit more about you personally that can make it far easier to land interviews.


They advocate for you!

 Let’s be honest, everyone’s resume could use a little work. Our recruiters are great at helping you make small tweaks to help you stand out. Not only can recruiters provide excellent resume advice, but they also pitch you personally to the potential client to help you stand out even more!


They coordinate everything.

Who doesn’t like a personal assistant! Your recruiter will coordinate everything for you. From your first interview to your last, they will be there very step of the way to ensure you are dressed and ready for success.


They negotiate salary, if needed.

Your recruiter can also serve as a buffer to help you negotiate salary to the client. This takes the pressure off you so that you can focus on the interview process.

Are you looking for a new job opportunity? Our recruiters at Southwest Search have over 20+ years of experience in contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire opportunities. Learn about why candidates and companies choose Southwest Search at

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