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At Southwest Search, we believe in the value of relationships and proudly represent a network of diverse and talented individuals and clients. We don’t just connect people with companies — we build relationships.

Our Values

- Act with the utmost honesty and integrity in everything we do. We strive to be ethical in every way.
- Communicate openly with respect and support for our clients and our teammates.
- Develop partnerships with our clients to understand their goals and achieve success together.
- Work hard to provide the best possible service to our clients and have every person happy about their experience with Southwest Search.
- Committed to fostering a fun and positive workplace, encouraging creativity and open-mindedness.

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Meet Our Team

Eric Botsch

Donna Grooms

Robbie Chavez

James Reid

Ashley Johnson

Mark Stevenson

Shannon Moore

Yvanna Riggs

Brian Perkins

Brian Perkins

Chloe Pink

Sydney Snelling

Chantal Lang

Tara Kluft

Tim Weir

Travis Haw

Jessica Palahicky

Whitney Weaver

Jeffery Schueler

Rebecca Olson

Cristian Benavidez

Jessica Dorsey

Madison Rodewald

Shannon Mitrisin