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Looking for a Job? Why Choose Southwest Search to Help!


You’re looking for a new job. Sure, there are lots of opportunities out there, but you just can’t seem to find the job you really want. You are starting to get discouraged and feel like you just want to give up! Don’t! At Southwest Search we have a team of professionals to help you land that dream job!

Here’s a look inside our process and what sets us apart from other recruiting agencies!


The Southwest Search Method:


Our Network –  We have an extensive network of relationships with companies/hiring managers. In many cases, these companies come to us as opposed to posting jobs. A candidate might not even know about the job on his or her own otherwise.

Match Making – We meet with every candidate we work with in order to better understand what they’re looking for (not only from a hard skill standpoint, but also culture, quality of life, future goals, etc.). Our goal is to be a true partner with candidates.

Transparency – Plain and simple. The candidate will know where they stand in the process from initial resume submittal to company to offer acceptance. This is not often the case when a candidate submits directly to the company.

Guidance – We provide interview preparation, salary negotiation and ensure all your questions and needs are answered throughout the hiring process.


Finding a new job can be demanding, time consuming and scary. At Southwest Search, our goal is to help with this process and ensure your needs are meet from start to finish.




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