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How to Reference Temporary Work on Your Resume

Referencing temporary work on your resume can be tough! Experience of working temp roles can add value to your employment record, but you need to demonstrate the values that these roles and experiences offered.

Here are a few tips to ensure your resume is top notch and shows how the temporary positions you have held boosted your skill set and aided in development.

Achievements are Key!

You want hiring managers to be impressed by your resume, right? It’s important to highlight the achievements you reached in your temporary position. Think also about additional skills you acquired during this time and add these to the overall summary.

Avoid Showing Career Gaps

Some people enjoy the temporary role as it provides freedom and flexibility. Whatever your reason for working as a temp, be sure to avoid gaps in your working career as much as possible. . It’s all about displaying your enthusiasm for work, willingness to learn and eagerness to get ahead.

Reference is a Must

Be sure to reference your employers and your roles. Also, be sure to include the staffing agency, the business you worked for and the specific role you were assigned to. You might have worked in a number of temp roles for one or different organizations. Be sure to highlight all of these and the skill sets you acquired.


When writing your resume, it is important to be proud of your achievements. For many professionals, temp work is a lifestyle choice. Own your career path and be sure to highlight everything along the way.



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