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Some might think job searching during the holiday season is not worth the effort, but think again. Contrary to popular belief, the holiday season can be a great time to jumpstart on your goals and ring in the new year with a new opportunity.

Here are three reasons why you should continue job searching during the holiday season — plus some easy strategies to help you make the most of your down time.

1. Companies Hire Year-Round

Recruiters don’t stop working during the holiday season, so neither should you. In fact, some employers may be under pressure to fill their open roles before the end of the year or risk losing the budget for that hire. This can make the hiring process much quicker and help you land that dream job right in the nick of time


2. Seasonal Positions can Lead to Permanent Placements

Many times, during the holidays, companies are looking for contract workers to help offset the upcoming workload. These positions often turn into permanent placement opportunities. Whenever possible, seek part-time positions or contract work that align with or will help you build the right skills for your long-term career goals. Not only could these experiences enrich your resume, but they could also prove to be great networking opportunities. Be sure to start connecting with your recruiter early as these positions tend to fill by mid-November.


3. Less Competitive Market

Because some candidates put their job search on hold during this time of year, you could find yourself in a position to face less competition when searching for a new job. Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your job search while other candidates are preoccupied with the holiday shuffle.


Here is a bonus check list from our recruiters for a successful holiday job search.


Tip 1 – Take Advantage of Seasonal Jobs

If you can take on a part-time job or seasonal opportunity, this could be a great opportunity to build skills and add merit to your resume. A job like this will show experience, communication skills, the ability to work on a deadline, and flexibility to handle multiple tasks, like during a fast-paced holiday rush.


Tip 2 – Get Involved in Giving Back

The benefits of participating in a volunteering event is often times a missed gem among job seekers. Taking time to give back to your community not only gives you the chance to help others, but it also builds valuable skills, shows maturity and a willingness to go the distance, and provides an opportunity to add new work experience to your resume. It is also a great time to network with other like-minded individuals who could help build your professional network.


Tip 3 – Send a Season’s Greeting Note or Email

The holidays are a get excuse for getting back in touch with your old network or recruiters. Send holiday well wishes to break the ice and invite valuable connections for a (virtual) cup of hot cocoa to catch up.

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