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Rules for Managing Your Personal References


You have invested time searching for a new job, updated your resume and LinkedIn and are preparing for the interview process. But have you updated your list of personal references?

Most companies require at least three personal references before they offer you a position. Your references and what they say can be the biggest deal breaker in your hiring. Here are a few rules to follow when building your reference section:


Don’t Assume

Don’t assume all your references will say the right thing. Make sure before you use someone as your reference; they know you will be using them. Keep them informed on your job hiring process and some of the companies you are interest in!


Make Sure the Contact Information is Current

It’s unlikely the hiring manager will go through the effort of finding the correct contact information if you didn’t do that in the first place. So while you’re having that conversation with your reference, make sure your information is up to date.


Customize The List

If you have a variety of positions you are applying for, Consider having a few different reference lists. Focusing on the specific tasks you would perform or the specialties of the company for which you’re applying may inspire you to switch things up accordingly.


Keeping your list of professional references will go a long way toward getting you the job offer you want.