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What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2021

Resumes tend to be overlooked until they are absolutely needed, usually during periods of transition, or tumult. Instead of waiting until these times, use these top tips to craft the perfect resume. We highlight the key features you must have and a few items to leave off the resume!

Top three tips for your 2021 resume

The Format

When it comes to resume format and design, opt for a clean layout. Our eyes tend to scan web pages in a F-pattern and E-pattern, so opt to follow a similar pattern for your resume. This will hold a recruiter’s attention for longer than those aligned down the center, or from right to left.

There is no one specific “best” font for resumes, however, you should use the same font style throughout. Play with different weights and sizes to draw a recruiter’s eye to key parts of your resume. Sans serif fonts usually work best!

Add a Skills Section

Be sure to include critical keywords and a quick snapshot of your strengths. List any skills you have acquired that correlate to your field and be sure to list tangible attributes that can be easily measured.

The Number one Thing to Leave OFF the Resume

Be discerning with the content—don’t list salary requirements, use tables or columns, or tick off every job you’ve ever had. The same goes for social media profiles… just leave it off!