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Hiring & Training Remote Employees

The Pandemic has altered the traditional hiring and training processes for companies across the world. The exact percentage of people working remotely hasn’t been confirmed, however, current global trends reveal this number will only rise in the future.

Today, most employees can conveniently work remotely, but remote hiring and training programs are still a challenging for many companies.

Here are some guidelines that can help companies provide effective remote hiring and training programs for employees.

Stat: 94% of employees would stay with a company longer if there was an investment in learning

– LinkedIN

Embrace the Right Technology for Remote Hiring and Training

For many companies, finding a new approach to hiring and training is a must. It is essential to provide future employees the right tools for success. It is also crucial to have an understanding that remote hiring and training will take longer than on-site training. Providing daily check-ins and designated times for questions will help the candidate adapt faster, as well as, provide the company insight to problematic areas in the hiring and training process.

Set Short Term Goals and Draft a Plan For Follow Up

Don’t rush the training process and give short term goals. This will not only help them stay focused, but will also increase their productivity. Also, make sure to have a good follow up plan to ensure they are grasping the training correctly.

Stat: 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for 3 years if they experienced great onboarding

– Glassdoor

Recognize the Power of Inclusiveness

Validation for any remote employee, whether it’s hiring or training, is critical! Validation and inclusiveness plays a vital role in encouraging employees to be productive. In the absence of proper guidance, an employee might face adversities, that can be solved through proper validation. The more invested you are in your employees, the more support they will feel, thus resulting in productivity.

Working remotely is the new reality. The sooner companies embrace this reality, the faster their road to success will be.

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