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Juggling Work and Personal Time While Working Remote

Almost overnight, companies around the world were thrown into the world of working remotely. Under normal circumstances, the transition to remote work can be challenging. But in the midst of a global pandemic, the rapid and unexpected switch has many individuals left to turn their home space into an office space, and many doing this with children at home. 

If this is you, you are not alone. You got this! Use these tips below from our team at Southwest Search to help with daily scheduling, personal time and expectations as you navigate this new normal of remote work.

Create a Schedule and Stick to It

Creating some semblance of structure and balance is key when working remote. This means you’ll need to be forgiving of yourself while you adjust and transition from what was your regular routine to a new schedule.

This will require prioritizing tasks and responsibilities in order to meet your deadlines. If you have a family, try having a weekly family meeting to discuss the week ahead and set a clear and attainable schedule!

Set Short Term Goals and Draft a Plan For Follow Up

Don’t rush the training process and give short term goals. This will not only help them stay focused, but will also increase their productivity. Also, make sure to have a good follow up plan to ensure they are grasping the training correctly.

Pro Tip: Set alarms throughout the day to keep you (and/or your family) on a schedule.

Take Regular Breaks

It’s ok to take small breaks. Studies show taking breaks for 10-15 minutes throughout the day to walk, meditate, grab a smart snack, or even read leisurely, helps alleviate stress and keeps you better on track for the day.

Taking time away from work and other household chores can help you and your family reconnect and recharge and keep you on track to be more productive during your working time.

Take Regular Breaks

A simple, but effective way to create daily structure, is to designate clear workspaces. You can increase your productivity by keeping “office stuff” in the office. Remember to leave the office behind when it’s time to spend time with family and friends. Having clear boundaries will help build success while working from home.

It’s ok to feel overwhelmed, but remember, you aren’t just working from home, you’re working at home! Be sure to set realistic expectations for yourself and your commitments to help keep keep yourself on task and balanced.

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