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Making Job Decisions in a Video Environment Without Seeing the Office Environment

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed the way we interview and search for jobs. Competition for positions is fierce, and many candidates are forced to accept new positions without seeing the office environment or culture.

Here are a few questions to consider asking during your interview process to help get a sense of the culture and company dynamics.

How would you describe the culture at this company?

Cultural fit is an important consideration. Some companies, even though they’re distributed, have a close-knit team that communicates all day and gets together on a regular basis.

Others might not expect much communication as long as you keep up with deadlines and are reachable when they need you. Most hiring managers are looking for “cultural fit,” so explicitly bringing up the topic of culture can show whether or not you’d be a match and will give you key information about the company and its people.

What are the main pain points the company is facing right now? What about the major challenges someone in this position will face?

If nothing else, make sure to ask about challenges facing the company right now. Not only will you get a clearer sense of a company’s pain points, but you’ll then have a platform to discuss how you can help solve them.

How will you evaluate success for the person in this role?

Most companies do not have a set date for employees to return to the office full time. That said, evaluating work and success can be more difficult when working remote. By asking this question, you will get a good sense for how the company views success and you will get a clear understanding on how success would be measured.

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