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Tips On How to Increase Productivity And Setting Yourself Up for Success While Working From Home

Whether you are a full-time freelancer or the occasional telecommuter, working outside an office space can be a challenge. Ensuring you’re executing your best work in a home environment can take some extra discipline. Here is some advice on how to increase your productivity and set yourself up for success while working from home. 

Set Clear Boundaries

Try to keep your work behind an “office” door. Even if it’s your bedroom, try to create a dedicated space for work. Ideally, one with a door so you can close it off at the end of the day. This physical barrier between you and your “to-do” list acts as a psychological barrier to your “business brain”. Hopefully making it easier to bring your focus to family and friends, or even just the television after a long day.

Stay Connected: Put in Extra Effort for Video Calls and Staying Connected with Those Around You

Prolonged isolation can lead to weakened productivity and motivation. If you have a job that doesn’t require much face-time with others on a daily basis, it’s essential to put in the extra effort to stay connected. Make a point of scheduling regular coffee dates and meetings with colleagues, clients, and work peers, even if it is online. This will help you feel more present with those around you and allow you to connect with one another’s experiences.

Celebrate Your Wins!

One smart way to maintain momentum is to spend a moment acknowledging what you have been able to accomplish in a day’s work. We tend to focus too little on what we have accomplished, and too much on what is still on our list. However, if you take the time to celebrate these small victories, you’ll notice a surge in momentum to press on and a boost to your confidence.

Let’s be honest – peer pressure and management oversight both play a role in driving our motivation at work. In this new remote world, having clear boundaries will help keep you on track and set up for success!

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