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Are you looking into hiring a recruiting firm to find top talent? Did you know that “bad hires can result in a 32% drop in employee morale, and a 36% drop in productivity?” Be sure you are using the right recruiter to prevent this statistic from happening to your company.


Consider the following questions when making a decision on a potential partner.

1. Is relationship-building a priority for the recruiter firm?

Relationships are crucial when identifying and selecting your “dream candidate.”
Some recruiting firms are motivated to simply conduct a transaction. They accept the offer, file the paperwork, and move on to the next resume. Selecting a recruiter whose mindset is focused on grasping the culture of your company and what your company stands for, the better they are equipped in selecting qualified  talent. Once they find it, there is potential for them to connect with the person prior to them entering the job market, thus resulting in a competitive advantage for hiring.


2. Does the recruiting firm have a network deep enough to involve people you wouldn’t otherwise meet on your own?

How deep is the firm’s network? If they have connections with people who are interested in hearing about different job positions and not necessarily actively job hunting, this opens opportunities to reach people you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. If the recruiting firm relies heavily on job boards and social media to find candidates, they are viewing profiles that everyone has access to.


3. Does the firm work with industries that match your interest and expertise?

This may seem like a no brainer. Recruiters who specialize in your field and industry are more likely to bring relevant and qualified candidates quicker, allowing you to fill positions faster. Using a firm should add value to your company. So finding a firm who has a deep network and extensive experience with aligning candidates from entry level to senior level positions, will do just that. They can serve your entire organizational team, regardless of where the opening is and whether it’s onsite, remote or hybrid.


4. What measures will the recruiter take to ensure they effectively represent your company to potential hires?

Discerning recruiters will recognize that candidates have a say in what companies they pursue.

Thus, they must be able to promote your company beyond the compensation and benefits. They become your “brand ambassador” and must promote your company as a great employer. That said, it’s also very important to be prepared to discuss your company’s selling points and culture so that your recruiting team can better “sell” your company and its’ environment.



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