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The final interview is your last chance as an employer to really see if a candidate is the fit for your hiring role. Doesn’t it make sense to do something unique to ensure that they are in-fact the right hire?

Having the candidate conduct a presentation or a pitch (if the role is applicable) is a great way to see how they think and obtain critical answers about your candidate.

Special Scenario Example

A few ways you can have your candidate participate is by having them conduct a PowerPoint, whiteboard or special scenario to glean answers to a few critical questions:

  1. Do they fit your core values
  2. Can they meet/exceed your performance expectations?
  3. Can they add value to this specific role
  4. Do they think outside of the box or do they require more observation and direction


Behavior Questions

Another way to spotlight top talent is to ask behavior type questions like:

  1. Tell me about a project or task that didn’t go as smoothly as planned.  How did you deal with this?
  2. When working with a team, what do you consider to be your main role/impact as it relates to the group?
  3. Do you thrive off being given detailed instructions to accomplish your task or do you prefer to know what the outcome needs to be and get there your own way?


These unique interview styles have worked extremely well for many companies. So take these ideas, make them your own, and let us know how it works for you!

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