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The online interview process has earned a permanent place in the interview process. That’s why it’s so important for candidates to master the art of the online interview process. Here are a few tips from our recruiters at Southwest Search to ensure you are prepared.

Technology Tips:

“All systems go”. At least that’s what you want to say when gearing up for a video interview, but we all know technology has a way of getting in the way.

Here is a checklist to help ensure you tech stack is ready for the interview:

  1. Are you familiar with the interview platform you will be using? If not, search for a guide to walk you through it prior to the interview.
  2. Be sure to establish an account (if needed) prior to the interview.
  3. Early is on-time. Get to your online interview 10-15 minutes early to test your connection, video, and sound.


Dress Code:

Just because it is an online interview, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look the part. Be sure to dress professionally, iron your shirt, do your hair/make-up and whatever else you would do to prepare for an in-person interview.


Location, Location, Location:

Be sure to pick a quiet location for your interview. This does not include your local coffee shop. Wherever you choose, make sure you are the focal point, not a screaming toddler, your prancing cat, or choppy internet.


Above all else, be yourself and prepare for the interview just as you would under “normal” circumstances. Because ultimately, it’s your preparation that will separate you from other candidates.

Are you looking to make a career change or just exploring a new job opportunity? Let our team of recruiters at Southwest Search help make your transition easy and find you the perfect opportunity no matter where you are in your career. Head to the contact us page and get in touch with us today. It’s free and easy!

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