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This is one of the hottest job markets it has been in over 20 years. Good candidates are hard to come by and companies are struggling to find new talent. However, these companies are forgetting their most beneficial and critical resource; current employees.  A mind shift is necessary when wanting to retain top talent in a competitive job market. Instead of working so hard to attract new talent, remember to to identify and address the issues with resignations.

Here’s how…. 4 Tips for Success to Retain Top Talent

Tip #1: Meet individually with each employee

One on one meetings allow the employee to speak openly and honestly, resulting in crucial and pertinent insight.


Tip #2: Scheduling appropriately

Avoid scheduling back to back to allow for authentic and solid feedback. If an employee feels rushed, they tend not to share freely and/or omit vital information. Quality conversation builds over time. You are more likely to gain the insight you desire when allowing time for it.


Tip #3: Be prepared. This means you AND your employees.

Give them a heads up on what you expect to gain in these meetings. Allow them time to think on the ideas and concerns you hope to cover and address.


Tip #4: Are YOU ready?

Sometimes hearing negative feedback about your company can trigger a personal and emotional reaction. Be prepared for this. Remember the reason why you are conducting the meeting in the first place… to grow and retain. Maintaining composure will allow for a valuable dialogue with the employee.


Remember to have questions prepared ahead of time that tailor to the employee and the situation. Some questions could  include:

  • What would make your job more satisfying?
  • What can I do to best support you? What do you need more or less from me?
  • How do you feel valued at work?
  • What tempts you, if anything, to leave the company?


Retention interviews can be a powerful tool to gain insight on best practices and how to further your company’s culture and success. Making changes and adjustments, based on your employees input, shows just how much you value them and their contributions.

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