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Hiring Tip: Be Mindful of Your Social Presence During Your Job Search

The hiring process has changed! Competing in the ultra-competitive job market now requires a bit more due diligence on the candidate’s end. Employers are starting to take online social presence into consideration during the hiring process more than ever. Here are a few tips from our top recruiters to consider when monitoring your social media presence during your job search.

Make Your Personal Account More Secure

Before you decide to post to your personal accounts on social media, be mindful of what you’re sharing and who might see it. If you are going through a hiring process, you want to show off your best qualities to a hiring manager. Here are a few types of posts to avoid posting:

  • Complaints
  • Photos of you partying
  • Vulgar or violent language
  • Relationship issues

Using Facebook For Connections

Facebook has evolved over the years. Just like LinkedIn, Facebook now gives you the ability to link to potential connections. Also, organizations now utilize their company page to promote their products, services and even culture. Jobs are often posted on Facebook pages, so be sure to stay alert, engage and also keep your own social media presence appropriate and professional during your job search.

Thanks to a plethora of online information, employers can learn a lot about you from your social presence. Take advantage of the benefits of social media to help sell yourself through the hiring process.

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