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The Benefits Your Employees Care About the Most!  

Studies have shown, employee values are changing. It comes as no surprise that the Covid pandemic has made remote work and flexible hours a top option for most employees. Read on to see which benefits your employees care about the most and which ones bring the most value to employers.

#1. Remote Working or Flexible Work Solutions

It comes as no surprise that this has now become the number one request from most employees. Our recent poll on LinkedIn shows that over 59% of employees opted for the ability to work from home as their most important benefit. This sends a clear signal to employers that employee preferences are rapidly evolving and it is time to rethink the traditional ways of working.

#2 PTO (Paid Time Off)

While some companies like Netflix and LinkedIn have started offering unlimited vacation time, most companies cannot offer such a package. Offering substantial PTO is a great way to attract top talent. Understanding that different generations prioritize different things gives the employer the ability to tailor the rewards they offer to their employee, which in turn can help increase employee locality, engagement and productivity.

#3 Healthcare

Always a key benefit, healthcare has never been more important than it is during the midst of a pandemic. Our studies showed healthcare as the third priority on the list that drives employee retention and satisfaction.

Building a more relevant benefits portfolio based on employee preference and feedback will help organizations attract and retain top talent.

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