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Whether you find yourself looking for a new job opportunity or not, keeping your resume up to date is important. Our team of recruiters have seen a lot of resumes over the years. They share some of the best advice, tips, and layout examples to make sure your resume stands out!

Check them out below!

Skills Focused

One of the biggest shifts in resume layouts more recently, is the focus on hard and soft skills.

With the rise in technology, many companies are looking for individuals with certain “hard skills” including experience or certifications in certain programs or software systems. Make sure to include these in your resume if they are applicable for the position.


Don’t have the technical skills for the job you want? You may still be okay, as studies show many hiring managers look for soft skills when screening applicants. Here are some highly valued and sought-after soft skills:

  • Critical Thinker
  • Quicker Learner
  • Team Player
  • Adaptable
  • Creative
  • Problem solving skills

Your Online Resume & Reputation Matter

Your online presence can either attract or hurt your job hunt. To improve your chances of being noticed and hired, be sure to be mindful of your social presence.

According to an article by LinkedIn:

  • 84% of employers use social media for recruitment purposes
  • 43% of organizations do background checks on candidates with the help of their social media profiles
  • 58% of employers use the information found on applicants’ profiles to support their qualifications for the position

Be sure to add your resume to LinkedIn, and if possible, mark that you are “Open to work”.

Choose the Best Resume Layout

Ready to build or update a job-winning resume? Look at some of our top layout recommendations based on your job experience below.

College Resume Format

This resume format is ideal for college students because it features a detailed education section and a simple, modern design.

Entry-Level Format

Like the college resume example, this entry-level resume format adjusts the layout to showcase your most valuable qualifications as a professional just entering the workforce. By highlighting some of your extracurriculars, internships, and volunteer work, you can highlight experiences you have had that might help you stand out for that role.

Mid-Level Format

If you have more than five years of job experience, this is the best resume format for you. Think of this as the standard resume – it focuses primarily on your work experience, with smaller sections for your (now less relevant) education history and skills.

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