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What to NOT Wear to an Interview


First impressions do matter. While you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your wardrobe, putting in a little extra effort will pay off in the long run. Before your next interview, make sure you aren’t making any interview attire mistakes.


  1. A Blazer Doesn’t Upgrade Your Outfit

While a blazer is a good go-to choice, be mindful of what you wear underneath. Steer clear from deep-v necks or a plunging neckline. This applies to men too!


  1. Go Light on the Perfume/Cologne

Take it easy! You do not want to overwhelm your interviewer with smell. This will not get you more points for the job, so don’t do it. Also… don’t smoke in your car on the way to the interview!


  1. Ladies: Don’t Overdo Makeup

Keep a more natural look. Your best bet is to stick with a light coat of everything! Aim for the fresh and awake look! A bold lip is not best in this scenario.


  1. Shoes not Sandals

Even if it is warm where you live, do not wear sandals to an interview. Closed toe shoes are a must!


  1. Leave the Headphones at Home

While it is fine to wear headphones on the commute, take these out before you walk in the door! You risk seeming distracted and unfocused and the last thing you need is to be fumbling with tangled cords as you meet and shake hands. Also remember if you’re wearing sunglasses in the car to take them off your head for the interview.


  1. Body piercings

While there’s nothing wrong with body art and piercings, depending on the job that you’re interviewing for, you may need to take them out. You want the hiring manager to be focused on what you can bring to the table as opposed to the hoop through your nose. You may be able to put the piercing back in if you get the job, but if you’re not prepared to take it out permanently, the job may not be the one for you. And that’s okay.


  1. Hair

Again, now is not the time to try a new style or try to show your personality through your hair-do. Ladies: You can wear it up in a sleek pony tail or bun, or if you wear it down, make sure it’s brushed and looks polished. Men: If you have scruff, it’s best to shave before the interview.


  1. Nails

A posh black nail is totally en vogue….but not for an interview. If you wear your nails natural, make sure they’re filed and clean. If you prefer polish, go with a neutral color for the interview.   Long nails are fine, but make sure they’re just a bit over the tip of the finger. You don’t want them so long that the manager may question if you can actually type on a keyboard…or think you are trying to channel your inner tiger.


  1. Check yourself

Lastly, take a quick glance at yourself in the mirror before walking in to the interview. You never know when lunch may be stuck in your front tooth or your eyeliner decided to go rogue. Give yourself a big smile and say YOU GOT THIS!




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