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Three Tips to Job Searching During the Holidays


People who are unemployed often do not bother looking for work during the Holiday season. They figure it is pointless because most hiring managers are already checked out for the year.

At Southwest Search, we think this is a big mistake! January is the toughest, most competitive and most crowded job market of the year – precisely because most people do stop their job search during the holidays.

Here are our TOP TIPS for job searching during the holidays:


Connect with New Recruiters

Recruiters have the best insight to timeline for hiring, what jobs are currently available and what might come available soon! At Southwest Search, we also work to help ensure your resume is up to date and will negotiate terms on your behalf so you can get back to some holiday fun!

Get a Professional Photo for Your LinkedIn Page

If you are like the many Americans who search for a photographer for their family Christmas card, go ahead a get a new headshot at the same time. Many recruiters connect better to a persons LinkedIn profile with good photography.

Be Timely!

Most decision-makers you will need to get in front of do in fact checkout the last two weeks of the year. Right now is the perfect time to set up for success in 2019. Stay on top of your personal calendar!


We get the holidays can be stressful! At Southwest Search our number one goal is to ensure your job search experience is as easy as possible. Contact us today to get started for your 2019 year!






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