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A Guide to Creating a Killer Linked in Profile


Nearly every industry uses LinkedIn to find and vet job candidates, and over 90% of recruiters rely on the site, according to data from the Society of Human Resource Management. Below is our list of resources to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date. After all, this is your online reputation. Take control of it.


  1. List Education and Location. Ensuring this information is updated will increase your odds of appearing in a search by up to 23 times!
  2. Looks do Matter! Having a professional looking photo is a must! Profiles with a photo get up to 21 times more views and 36 times more messages.
  3. Fill our your summary statement. If you are actively looking for a new gig, make sure to use this space to grab attention!
  4. Voice! Personalize your message. LinkedIn is a “social” app after all. Profiles are more often viewed when they are written in first person. Write as if you are speaking to a real person.
  5. Update! Just like any other social app, those that update their material frequent appear at the top of social feeds. This is important for those of you who are looking for a new job. Update your posts with interesting articles, work examples or any other materials to grab the attention of the audience.
  6. Recommendations – this is the number one way to make you look credible. Seek recommendations that reinforce your strengths. Brand association and influential people are a bonus!


At Southwest Search, we believe LinkedIn can be a valuable tool to your job search if you use it correctly. Using this platform is a great way to build relationships that can help impact your success.



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