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Job Hunting Tips for the Tech Newbies from Experts


As you would expect, top software engineers, IT, and technical engineers have recruiters chopping at the bit to hire them. But what if you are brand new to the tech job search? Take a look at advice from the experts that can help you land your dream job!


Online Presence is Huge

Let your online presence speak for itself! It is more important to show what you have done, rather than tell people what you can do. Build up a good online presence and showcase projects, case studies or work that you might have even done for free.

Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

We talk about this a lot at Southwest Search, but remember, LinkedIn is not just a boring resume! 87% of recruiters use it to find candidates. Make sure you exhibit your skills and accomplishments, so you can be found! Check out our other article on LinkedIn Profiles.

Build Projects You Actually Care About

Build your portfolio about things you actually want to do in this world. This might require staying up late or working for no pay, but this small task just might land you the job of your dreams one day.

Create a Github Account

Create and build a Github account to showcase your software design and development projects if you are a software developer or aspiring. Use the link in your Github on your resume and any online profiles.

Join Online Groups

Many recruiters look for candidates within groups of their core skills. Find User Groups on Linked In and other web communities specific to your areas of expertise and create a profile that showcases your experience and projects.


Ultimately, it comes down to putting yourself out there. Create projects, make friends and connections in your industry, start building a name for yourself online, and keep learning. As the adage goes, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” It takes legwork to be in the right place at the right time.


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