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Top Trends Shaking up the IT Industry


The IT industry is changing. Companies that depend on critical IT services are moving away from the idea of technology simply supporting operations to viewing technology as a real driver of business innovation. This is shaking up the IT industry. The need to focus business on technology is providing many high-profile opportunities and bringing IT leaders to the business decision making table.


Here are growing trends in the IT Industry

Cloud Computing

To the IT industry of the 21st century, Cloud Computing is like the gift that keeps on giving! With benefits that range from better customer-centricity to reduction in costs, cloud computing is helping organizations reinvent themselves for the digital age. Virtual systems enable better accessibility and scalability, typically at a lower long-term cost. As one of the largest parts of most IT budgets, Cloud careers opportunities are stable and growing.


API’s Continuous Growth

Enterprises are realizing the power of APIs, which are no longer looked at as merely a developmental tool but as a catalyst to business innovation by providing access to multiple sources of information and data. APIs further help information access as they create more new channels for service integration, information coordination, ecosystems of information sharing and economies around information derivatives. Software Development careers creating API’s are thriving!


Predictive Analytics

More and more companies are realizing they own large sources of data that they can access to make better business decisions. Business Intelligence is allowing companies to understand how their customers are behaving and how their company can adapt to those needs. Data Science is the key and careers in data development and business intelligence are growing.


The IT industry is fast-growing. With emerging trends happening every year, this career field will certainly be on the rise for the foreseeable future!





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